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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  May 2, 2016 11:34pm-12:38am PDT

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popular than sharky, the little black cat that has dominated social media is looking for a home. shark's mascot has been called pawvelski, joe had been hiding in the arena and came out of hiding when she made a mad dash. she is in good hands now. where she will stay as they look to find her in a loving home. >> wow, i think one of the hockey players should take her. >> maybe the team captain will take joe pawvelski. >> and look how good on the ice. she has moves. >> sharks good luck charm. all the way to the stanley cup finals, hopefully, thanks for joining us here. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- louis c.k.
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questlove. musical guest, rufus wainwright. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 462. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, hey, ho, hey, ho, hey, ho, hey, ho. hey, welcome to "the tonight
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show," everybody, thank you so much for being here. [ cheers and applause ] fun audience already. i love you guys. welcome. well, you guys, may is finally here. may is here. [ cheers and applause ] it is that special time of year when the earth puts the weather on random shuffle. [ light laughter ] what if it rained snowballs and everyone got sun burned? let's get to some news, here. the white house correspondents' dinner was on saturday. and president obama ended speech by saying obama out -- [ laughter ] -- and literally dropping the mic. [ light laughter ] then hillary clinton caught the mic midair and said, "let's do this." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: wowzer. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: get this, during an after party following the correspondents' dinner, a fight broke out between reporters at fox news and the huffington post. [ light laughter ] no major details came out about the fight because it was only witnessed by cnn reporters. [ laughter ] [ applause ] so they -- oh, yeah, yeah,
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yeah. this is cool, here. the white house announced yesterday malia obama will attend harvard university, but that she plans to take a year off before starting. yeah. malia got the idea after seeing how much fun her dad is having with his year off. [ light laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] said, i'll do the same thing. go golfing. dropping the mic. accord to new reports, an unusually large amount of leading republicans have said they don't want to be donald trump's running mate and will actually refuse him if he offers them the position. pretty rare for this to happen. here's what some of them have said. john kasich said, "there's no chance i'd take that." [ light laughter ] paul ryan said, "definitely not." [ light laughter ] chris christie said, "i'll do it." [ laughter ] ted cruz said, "no way." mitch mcconnell said, "not in a a million years." chris christie said, "you don't have to keep asking people, i'm in." [ laughter ] jeb bush said, "nope." rand paul said, "heck no." [ light laughter ] chris christie said, "i've
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stood behind that man for the last three month listening to him say god knows what. i put the time in and he will pick me as vp or he will rue the day he ever met me." [ cheers and applause ] all of these responses -- to all of these responses donald trump said, "everyone should relax, i'm leaning towards a female vp." and finally chris christie said, "christie christie at your service." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: christie christie? >> jimmy: i don't know what's going on with him. why would he say that? ted cruz's running mate, carly fiorina was introducing cruz at a rally in indiana yesterday. i think she left the stage a a little earlier than she expected. take a look at this. >> and the next president of the united states, ted cruz! ♪ [ laughter ] >> jimmy: she's fine, she's fine. >> steve: whoa! [ light laughter ]
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hey! [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: she's fine, she's fine. although i believe that marks the second time she's dropped out of the race. [ applause ] >> steve: hey! ho! >> jimmy: forget running mate, she's not even a good standing mate. i know i'll forget that joke. and cruz, cruz himself has had a tough time in indiana. even little kids are starting to heckle him at his campaign events. this is real. this is from yesterday. take a look at this. >> and when we do that -- all right. apparently there's a young man who's having some problems. >> you suck. >> thank you, son. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: what? [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: give it up for donald trump's grandson, everybody. [ applause ] there he is. >> steve: you suck. >> jimmy: all right. now that weed is starting to become legal in more and more places, big companies have
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started to take notice. in fact, walgreens just published an article about the possible health benefits of medical marijuana. while cvs said it's excited just to watch stoners try to use the self-checkout machines. [ light laughter ] [ applause ] speaking of weed, i read that woody harrelson's application to open a medical marijuana dispensary in hawaii was denied. when asked why they denied the application, officials said because it was written on a a doritos bag with a sharpie. that's why it was denied. [ light laughter ] [ applause ] and finally, this is another real thing. there was some rain in boston yesterday, which meant the yankees had to make sure their bats didn't get too wet in their game against the red sox. and i've got to say, a-rod has a very interesting way of drying his bat off. take a look at this. >> pitch down and in for ball one. >> and with the yankees struggle -- [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> steve: hey! oh, ho!
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[ light laughter ] >> jimmy: i guess they don't call them the yankees for nothing. [ light laughter ] [ applause ] first time anyone ever got to third base without leaving home plate. [ cheers and applause ] we have a great show. give it up for the roots! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, roots. thank you, everybody! oh, it is monday. we're so happy to be back. we have a big week of shows coming up. tomorrow night, captain america himself, chris evans will be here! >> steve: yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that will be fun. then later this week, jeremy renner will be here, robert downey jr. will be here. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: what? >> jimmy: and jane fonda will all be joining us. plus, we have performances from chance the rapper and keith urban.
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this is going to be a good week. >> steve: whoa. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: but first, we've got a fantastic show tonight. we love this guy. he's a funny, funny man. his new series is called "horace and pete." the great louis c.k. is here, ladies and gentlemen. >> steve: whoa! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: louis c.k. >> steve: god bless him. >> jimmy: he's cool. plus, he's got a new book out called "something to food about." we'll be talking to our very own questlove, everybody, is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] first time as a guest. first time as a guest. >> steve: longtime caller. >> jimmy: longtime caller. [ light laughter ] first time. and we have music from one of my favorite musicians. oh, i love this guy so much. rufus wainwright is here, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] he's got a new album called "take all my love: nine shakespeare sonnets." tonight, rufus is going to perform a judy garland song. it's amazing. you don't want to miss it. i've known him for a long time. been a giant fan of his. and he did this thing a couple years back where he --
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judy garland had this concert at carnegie hall, "judy, judy, judy," and he redid it, called "rufus, rufus, rufus." but he did song for song, and it is a game changer. have you seen this live, quest? you have to see it. they just don't make music like this. and they don't do this. you won't see this on any other tv show. this is just so fun. rufus wainwright is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] love him. love him. guys, it is may, and you know what that means. it is time to do some serious spring cleaning. toss out some old clothes, clean out the fridge and most important, get rid of any bad books that you have lying around. nobody likes a bad book. so to help you out, i'm about to show you some books you should avoid at all costs. that's right, it's time for my latest installment of my "do not read" list. here we go. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ do not read do not read do not read these books these books ♪ >> jimmy: now before we start, i want you to know every book that i'm about to show you is 100% real.
11:44 pm
these are actual books. you can find them on amazon or check them out at your local library. these are real books. all right, let's see what's on my "do not read" list. this first one's a mystery book. >> steve: ooh. >> jimmy: i do love a mystery book, yeah. this one's called "murder at the quilt show." [ light laughter ] and you know you're in for a a ride. because it's from the best-selling author of "12 golden threads" and "scrap quilt memories." [ light laughter ] >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: and check out the tag line on the back. "come for the quilting. stay for the murder." [ light laughter ] >> steve: murder. >> jimmy: yes. murder. yeah. yeah. either way, well, they're innocent until proven quilty. [ the "law & order" clang plays ] [ applause ] >> steve: hanging by a thread. >> jimmy: next up, we have -- next up, we have a cookbook. >> steve: ooh, i love cookbooks. >> jimmy: i love cookbooks, too. yeah, yeah, yeah. you can't have too many of those. this is called, "recipes that pep up meals with wise potato
11:45 pm
chips." [ light laughter ] up top you got your standard chip and dip up there. then down here, we've got some meat loaf and peas with some chips on the side. [ light laughter ] >> steve: love it. >> jimmy: great recipes so far. >> steve: oh, i love it. >> jimmy: then on the back -- >> steve: what do we got? >> jimmy: a bowl of chips next to some waffles. >> steve: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: breakfast is served. great recipe. >> steve: you like waffle chips? >> jimmy: anyone can do it. [ light laughter ] great recipe. >> steve: like just putting a a bowl of chips next to anything. i love it. i'm going to read that book. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: if you want the recipe, give me a call and i'll look it up in the book. >> steve: can you look it up? hey, i'm serving steak. can i put a bowl of chips next to it? [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: first of all, it's 3:00 in the morning, man. >> steve: i know. good morning. >> jimmy: i'm sleeping, i'm sleeping. >> steve: i know, but i got to know. do you mind looking it up in your book? >> jimmy: hold on. let me go. i think i left it in the living room. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: forgot, it's a cell phone, i can bring it with me. [ light laughter ] >> steve: are you going to the basement? where you going? >> jimmy: what's happening, man? >> steve: where you going? the basement? >> jimmy: yeah, i'm going to check it out. going down to the basement. [ light laughter ]
11:46 pm
hey, hey, carly fiorina's down here. >> steve: oh, my god. did she slip and fall? >> jimmy: yeah. she's cool. she's cool. you know, i left it upstairs. >> steve: oh, shoot. >> jimmy: hold on. you know, i have a whole new step is half built -- sorry about that. >> steve: okay. [ light laughter ] here we go, here we go. >> jimmy: sorry. hey, man. >> steve: steak. >> jimmy: what's that? >> steve: steak, can i serve it with a bowl of wise chips? >> jimmy: steak. >> steve: steak. >> jimmy: still there? >> steve: yeah, i'm still here. [ light laughter ] hold on, honey. i'm asking him. >> jimmy: what's happening, man? >> steve: hold on. ask him if you can use steak -- i'm asking him that. >> jimmy: hey, is that your wife? >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: how's she doing? >> steve: she's doing okay. i mean, not so good. she broke her foot. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: what are you guys making steak for at 3:00 in the morning? >> steve: well, we're going to make steak tomorrow morning for breakfast. i was going to make waffles, steak and chips. but i go, i don't have the recipe. so -- [ talking over each other ] >> jimmy: i understand why you would call me. here's the problem, i do not
11:47 pm
see it anywhere here. >> steve: shoot, that's what i figured. >> jimmy: wait, hold on a a second. i think i see it on the cover, here. [ light laughter ] yeah, you can put chips next to steak. >> steve: okay, great, great, great, thanks a lot man, i'll call you later. >> jimmy: i'll talk to you later, man. >> steve: get wise. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: this next book -- >> steve: what's this next book? >> jimmy: --is a sci-fi book. >> steve: ooh, i love sci-fi. >> jimmy: science fiction. i love it. this one's called "fallon's jewel." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i know. i get this all the time. that is not me on the cover. [ light laughter ] i get this all the time. >> steve: it's about your jewel, you're going to have a a ball. >> jimmy: let's take a look. >> steve: take a look at your jewel? [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: no, no, no, at the next book. let's move on. >> steve: oh, good. >> jimmy: this one's called "fallon's revenge." now, that -- [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: that is me. >> steve: that is you? >> jimmy: that is me on the cover. yeah.
11:48 pm
i posed for that. yeah. >> steve: that's your 12-pack. >> jimmy: a gig's a gig, you know? hey, here we go. you like children's books? >> steve: love children's books. >> jimmy: everyone does, right? [ cheers and applause ] favorite books of all time. this is a great one. this one's called "how to ride a cockhorse." [ laughter ] i've never -- >> steve: what? how to ride a horse what? >> jimmy: i've never -- ride a cockhorse. [ light laughter ] i've never even heard of a a cockhorse. higgins, you ever heard of a a cockhorse? >> steve: i rode one once at college. that was a long time ago. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's all i have for this edition of my "do not read" list. if you have a book that you think should be on our next do not read list, i want to see it. send your titles to our blog at we'll be right back with louis c.k., everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our first guest is an emmy and grammy-award winner and one of the funniest comedians on the planet. he's also the creater, writer director and star of an acclaimed new series called "horace and pete."
11:53 pm
all ten episodes available on every one, please welcome back to the show, louis c.k. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: that's got to feel good. >> it does, it feels nice. >> jimmy: start with a standing ovation. >> it's very nice >> jimmy: you remember being a comedian and getting introduced and not getting a standing ovation? >> yeah, i remember that very well. [ laughter ] like the first 30 years, you know. >> jimmy: but then you would leave them with a standing ovation. >> no, no, this is my first one. right there. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i have a lot of questions for you. this "horace and pete" project. which is fantastic, congratulations on this. >> thank you, thank you. >> jimmy: so many people know you.
11:54 pm
so many people love you. you put out this thing. no one knew you were making it. nobody had a clue. i know you pretty well. i know friends of you that didn't know anything either. >> that's right. >> jimmy: you didn't tell anyone. >> i told nobody except for the people in the show. >> jimmy: they did know. >> yeah, they did i had to tell them. >> jimmy: you had to tell them. [ laughter ] but it's big stars. >> yeah, jessica lange, alan alda, edie falco. and steve boschemi and i were the stars of the show. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i have a lot of questions. >> okay. >> jimmy: if you go to >> the "e" i didn't buy it yet it's like a porn site or something [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh yeah alright, so don't go to "louieck." louis c.k. yeah go to that, that's how you can get the episodes. you can either get one episode. >> you can buy one or you can buy the whole thing for -- it's like 30 bucks. >> jimmy: and, you kind of funded this yourself. >> yes. i very funded it myself. [ laughter ] there was no kinda about it. yeah, i paid for all of it. >> jimmy: you did?
11:55 pm
>> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: why not go through a a network or a thing? >> well, it was more fun this way. it was fun to just try -- i figured the worst thing you can lose some money and, you know, money grows back. time doesn't. that's what my mom used to say. and, you know, i figured, let's try this. i accepted the loss of the cash first. it's worked out good. we're going to make it all back in a month or two. >> jimmy: that's fantastic. [ one person claps ] but you see yourself acting differently when it's your money? [ laughter ] your accountant's in the audience. [ laughter ] "that's right, that's right! don't fire me, please." >> jimmy: but man, oh, man, you got the cream of the crop. >> yeah, best people ever. >> jimmy: how did you get jessica lange to do this? >> well, she and i, we were both on -- jessica and i were both on fx for a lot of years. so we would be at the golden globes, sit at the same table. i like talking to her because she was in king kong's hand. [ laughter ] and she's really very cool. very few people. her and naomi watts and the first one. jambie clamper chapper -- i think her name was i don't
11:56 pm
know. [ laughter ] if you're gonna guess. >> jimmy: jambie clamper chapper >> back in the '30s. jambie clamper chapper. >> jimmy: that was unbelievable. >> the first king kong. >> jimmy: that was the first one, yeah, yeah, yeah. silent. >> yeah. that's why no one knew her name. 'cause it was silent. >> jimmy: they gave her that -- >> there was no sound then on the earth. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: on earth. yeah, it was more sound effects. her name was -- sorry. [ laughter ] >> doesn't make any sense. >> jimmy: there was no sound back then. >> it's not like there was no talking. it's not like the movies had loads of sound but nobody spoke. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i didn't over-think the joke but yeah, you're right. her name was -- [ laughter ] >> all right, you're going to cut this part out. so go ahead -- >> jimmy: no, no, i won't. we gotta fill up time. >> so jessica lange. i used to see her at the golden globes and she's really cool. i like talking to her. >> jimmy: she was in king kong's hand. >> she was in king kong's hand. [ laughter ] her, naomi watts --
11:57 pm
>> jimmy: shambi. [ laughter ] [ mumbling ] [ laughter ] >> silent film. that's right. [ applause ] so anyway, so we -- i wrote a a part for her in the show. and i wrote a part for edie falco because i love her. and i didn't know if i'd get her. but i wanted both of them right in the show. i just wrote the parts for them in my mind and thought i'll try to pursue these people if i can. i didn't want to call their agents because the show's a a secret. i didn't want anybody to know about it. i can't just call william morris and say we want this person because then the secret's out. so i met -- i was at the emmys last year. and edie falco is sitting there. there's an empty seat next to her. so i just sit -- like a creep, i just sit next to her. [ laughter ] and she's like -- i said, "hi, i'm making a show and i can't tell anybody about it. but i wrote a part just for you and i'd like you to read it." she's like, okay. so i get up. there's jessica lange standing right there. so i go up to her. and i go "hey i'm making a a show. and it's a secret but i wrote a a part just for you. and i want you to read it." and she's like "alright."
11:58 pm
i turned around and i saw edie falco looking at me like -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he's lost it, he's a a crazy man. >> like i went up to every person on the planet earth. i'm making a show for them. but i got them both so it worked out. >> jimmy: but everyone expected, it's going to be a a comedy? >> yeah, they did, but it's not -- it gets funny in moments. the way like if you were at a a funeral somebody will once in a while break the tension. [ laughter ] it's pretty bleak. >> jimmy: it is pretty bleak. >> ah -- it's really brutal. >> jimmy: yeah, it is. >> no, no, it's written like a a play kind of. it's like a ten-act play. >> jimmy: yeah. >> we shot it like a sitcom with multicamera. so it kind of has that feel. no audience though. if you're watching -- like what's a sitcom these days? like the kid -- "two and a half men." but there's no audience laughing. they just say stuff and look at each other. [ laughter ] i just got so intrigued by that idea. when i wrote it, it turned really more into a drama, a a tragedy. jimmy: are you idols more comedians or film makers?
11:59 pm
>> well, everybody like -- i loved woody allen growing up. but i also like john cassavetes, a filmmaker who's really sad. messed up movies. but beautiful movies. yeah, very beautiful movies. you know, ingmar bergman. i like a lot of really downer stuff. [ laughter ] but this cast really makes all the roles come to life. it's really good. my favorite thing i ever did. >> jimmy: is that right? >> yeah, it's my favorite. >> jimmy: because, why, is it risky? >> yeah, i like that. i like that nobody's ever made a show that looks like this. nothing's ever looked like this before. but also was really compelling, me and the actors, we were crying at the end of every episode as we were making it. because we got really involved in it. you know? i know that sounds really indulgent. but it was a lot of fun. >> jimmy: it's good to be emotional. why not. >> no it's bad. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's not bad -- >> feelings are bad. feelings are bad >> jimmy: what are you talking about? emotions are good to get them out. >> no, you eat, yummy food and you watch something funny. feel nothing. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you wouldn't know yummy food unless you had bad food. >> no, yeah you would.
12:00 am
hat's just [ bleep ] that just makes no sense. that makes no sense. if you eat something yummy, you're like, "that's so yummy." but if you eat something bad, "that's bad." but if you never ate anything bad, you would enjoy everything good. that's the truth. >> jimmy: yeah, i guess so. [ laughter ] let's think about it. i want to show a clip of louis c.k. >> can i just tell you, so i play horace. two brothers who own a bar. it's been open for 100 years. it's a family bar. and we live upstairs, and we work downstairs. miserable family that can't get away from each other. alan alda plays our uncle pete. and he's a horrible guy. >> jimmy: he really is. >> and so he's telling a story about -- when he coached horace's little league team. >> jimmy: here's a clip, "horace and pete." take a look at this. >> so he starts crying like -- [ crying ] so i called time-out. i called the ump, time-out. you know. i go over to horace and i say, "okay, i called time-out, now you can go take a leak."
12:01 am
what am i going to do? he's my nephew, you know, and he's crying and everything. i say, okay, honey. [ laughter ] you gotta go to the toilet? you go ahead. he's still crying. so i said what the [ bleep ] is the matter with you? you said you wanted to go make a pee pee. now go make a pee pee. and he says,"uncle pete, uncle pete, it's too late." [ laughter ] and he's covered with piss all over his pants. [ laughter ] man, i'm telling you, he was covered. it was all smelly. remember that, horace, remember that? when you pissed your pants in little league? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: really great. really different and cool. more with louis c.k. after the break. stick around, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ we got another one. i have an orc-o-gram for an "owen."
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. we're hanging out with our friend louis c.k. check out his new series "horace and pete" on i got to say, when you first did this -- >> yeah >> jimmy: i didn't know what was happening. people are like, no one drops a a sitcom like beyonce. you beyonce'd a show. well, it's not a sitcom. >> it's one of the many things i have in common with beyonce. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you have a lot, you have a lot in common with her. >> jay z is in love with me. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, i know that. >> i sang at the inauguration. >> jimmy: that's huge. >> see, i found the end of the joke, where it stopped being funny. you gotta find the line. >> jimmy: you went right to the end, exactly. what are you doing this summer? this is a new -- >> i'm going to go on tour and do stand-up all over the country. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you look forward to that, is that fun? >> yeah, i love it. i love it. but usually i have a year where i'm splitting touring with shooting something. but this year i just want to do
12:07 am
standup and i think that's when i'm best at it, is when i'm not competing with other things. so i don't know where i'm going but it's pretty much everywhere the whole country. europe, some other stuff. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: are you playing big gigs? >> yeah, some big. i did madison square garden last year and i enjoyed it. so i'll do some big ones and then some theaters. just we're going to mix it up. >> jimmy: how do you find that? >> you go on my website and that's where we sell the tickets i sell over my website, i sell the tickets and my stand-up specials. >> jimmy: it's odd because you said you have sworn yourself off the internet. >> yeah, i don't go on the internet anymore. like the last month i haven't been on the internet. >> jimmy: for real? >> yeah. >> jimmy: yeah, but you really did it. >> yeah, i always wanted to. because i hate the feeling that i got this thing in my hand all the time. it's a bit of an addiction, you know? >> jimmy: oh yeah. >> and it's not good. i don't think it's good. everything is mean and weird. and upsetting. and so -- but every time i try to -- i say i'm not going to look at the internet and i get drawn back to it. so i gave my phone to my daughter, my 10-year-old. and i said put a code in for the restriction.
12:08 am
and then take me off. so it's the opposite of what you're supposed to do. [ light laughter ] my daughter is keeping me off the internet. so it's been a month. and i just feel better. because i don't know what's going on. first of all, i don't know anything that's going on -- [ laughter ] and it's exciting. when somebody says, hey did you hear about the thing the guy said? i'm like, what did he say? [ laughter ] i can't wait to hear it. i get to hear about it. instead of just knowing every [ bleep ] little thing about everybody. i get to hear about it. like when i'm on the streets and i'm looking for something, i go up to human beings and i ask them and then they google it but -- [ laughter ] i get some human contact. and i'm getting all this culture. like i was in an airport and i bought a book. i haven't read a book since i was like 19 years old or something like that. and i want to plug some things that aren't just my show. because i feel like that's selfish. >> jimmy: giving back. >> i bought this in the airport. >> jimmy: new author. >> this is jane austen. "pride and prejudice." >> jimmy: "pride and prejudice." >> you can get it at any airport. or any junior high school library.
12:09 am
no, i'm reading it on the subway and everything. samantha bee's show is really good. i don't know what the network is. but she's like the funniest person. i know she's your competitor and you're very funny -- >> jimmy: thank you. >> but you don't need any help. >> jimmy: i do fine. >> you're like the king of the planet. so i want to plug jane austen and samantha bee. >> jimmy: samantha bee, is a a good show. and jane austen, is a decent author. [ laughter ] that's good, that's good to plug somebody. yeah, they need a big break. if you haven't seen louis c.k. live, you should go see it because it's something you'll never forget. he's fantastic, i can't wait to see you this summer. ten episodes of "horace and pete" are available on [ cheers and applause ] don't go anywhere. we'll be right back with our very own questlove, everybody. louis c.k.! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ whenever i'm around you ♪ i go home a little bit
12:10 am
♪ there's just something about you ♪ ♪ where the pieces all fit ♪ there's a lightness that surrounds you ♪ ♪ and it guides me like a star ♪ ♪ oh i am, who i am ♪ because you are, who you are ♪
12:11 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is a a five-time grammy-award winning artist and founding member of the roots. he's also a best-selling
12:15 am
author. his latest book, "something to food about" is available now. ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for questlove! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> this is the first time i'm sitting on this chair. >> jimmy: yeah, ever. i'm excited about this, man. >> i have nightmares about this chair. >> jimmy: how can you be nervous, you're on the show every night. >> all right, jimmy, let me tell you something. the last time i did something on this show that was non-music, non-cooking related, i had anxiety. like, you wanted me to play a a game like, you know, the games that we do on the show. >> jimmy: yeah. >> my teeth
12:16 am
fell out the night before. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: your tooth fell out? >> one and a half tooth fell out. like a chip -- part of it chipped in the front and then it completely -- it was anxiety. >> jimmy: because you were grinding your teeth? >> i mean, you're kind of competitive on these games that we play on the show. >> jimmy: i did not make you nervous because i'm competitive. >> i mean, i didn't want to mess up. and the thing was, i scheduled this emergency -- this dinner set for this guy that did an operation on me at like 1:30 in the morning. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: you got to change dentists, man. this is like -- >> no, no, no, he's like a a 24-hour dentist. like lauren recommended him. like he does lenny, justin, your photo's on the wall. i think you went to this guy. anyway, so i did this operation, you know, out of anxiety, for coming on the show, playing on the show. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and accidentally, when they gassed me up, i wanted to listen to
12:17 am
pink floyd's "dark side of the moon" album. >> jimmy: why? >> well someone told me you haven't heard it until you are in another mind state. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. [ light laughter ] >> so the thing was, i put it on my ipod, but the problem was that i guess when i put it in my pocket, i left track two on repeat when the guy's like laughing at you. so for two hours i'm supposed to be comatose while they're operating on me and you hear them sawing, but you just hear this guy, "mwuahahaha" for two hours straight. >> jimmy: well, i'm happy that you're sane. >> so i'm just glad -- i just want to announce that all my teeth are in now. >> jimmy: yeah, they're in and you're here. you have a great book out. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i'm so happy to have you here. you're never on this side, i'm so psyched. and i just want to remind you, you did get a standing ovation coming out so that's kind of a a cool thing. but --
12:18 am
you've done so many things on the show with the band and with us. but one thing that just sticks in my mind, i don't know if you remember this, but you did an actual spit take on the show. one of my favorite things i've ever seen. >> i call it i was choking. and then ya'll just put the camera on me at that moment when i was choking. >> jimmy: i have a clip of it if you don't mind. >> sure, go ahead jimmy, go on, go on. >> jimmy: here's questlove doing a spit take on our show. here you go, check this out. >> quest gave us a shout-out that day. >> yeah, that was awesome. [ coughing ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: stop stop, stop, stop you're right, you're right, no big deal. >> that's like "ghostbusters" slime. that was slime. >> jimmy: it was unbelievable the show had to break down for ten minutes as we were all laughing so hard. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: but i got to say you are one of the hardest working guys ever. we love you so much, you know. you and the guys are just the coolest. we've been doing this together for, what, like seven years now?
12:19 am
>> six, seven years, yeah. >> jimmy: six, seven years. do you remember when i first asked you to be the band? >> i remember. our buddy, neal brennan, formerly of "the chappelle show" -- >> jimmy: that's right. >> --recommended that the roots could maybe give you some musicians that could take the job. >> jimmy: yeah, i said, "who could be the band? the band is going to be very important on the show." and he goes, "oh, you should ask the roots." and i go, "do you think the roots will do it?" and he goes, "no." >> no. >> jimmy: the roots aren't going to do it, but they might know somebody that will do it. they're very nice, too so i go -- then i go, "oh, i might as well just ask." >> i got to admit to you, by that point, we were in our 15th or 16th year of performing. we just really got to a a comfortable place. >> jimmy: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> and so, you know, the thought of just turning our back on that for, like, something uncertain was, like, we were like, no, we're not going to do it. but we just wanted to, save face and, you know, get in good with you. but then -- but wait, but wait, here's the thing though. here's the thing though.
12:20 am
after the show was over, this is ucla's campus on the football field. >> jimmy: i showed up at that one, it was amazing. >> i was back stage doing an interview. and then when i walked out my dressing room, you had somehow managed to convince those guys over there to get in that "eight is enough" human pyramid. [ light laughter ] maybe the reference is too old for them out there. >> jimmy: no i remember kirk, i remember kirk, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> yeah, no, but even tariq -- everything that tariq wears is like $9,000. >> jimmy: yeah, exactly, yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] >> so with that -- i'm certain that shirt costs at least $10,000. >> jimmy: yeah, i know. >> but i'm just saying that for the fact that tariq was on the bottom row of this human pyramid on ucla grounds. >> jimmy: all on top of each other like a cheerleader pyramid. >> right, i said to my manager, we're not getting rid of this guy, are we? [ laughter ] that's when i knew. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yeah, we're going to hang out. >> that's when i knew. >> jimmy: talk to me about your interest in chefs and food in general and the idea of it.
12:21 am
>> well, i guess in short when we came to "the tonight show," this is the first time that any of us have ever had normalcy, like, being in one place at one time. like we were doing 200 days out of the year -- >> jimmy: oh really? >> living like nomads. yeah, just living like nomads and gypsies and whatnot. >> jimmy: yeah. >> so the first group of people i started hanging with when we got this gig was comedians and chefs. and i don't know, like, i was more curious at the creative process. like, whenever i talked to musicians, i don't care about the music, i care about how they made it. >> jimmy: yeah. >> so i wanted to sort of observe the same thing with chefs. >> jimmy: and these are some of the best chefs and like so interesting. i don't know how you found this list or made this list of people, because i know you went to japan to -- >> yeah, started going to jiro. i saw "jiro deams of sushi," this documentary of this chef,
12:22 am
who is probably the lord jesus christ of -- you go to a a pilgrimage when you go to him. you just don't go to his restaurant. >> jimmy: yeah. >> it's in a a subway in japan. >> jimmy: how was it? >> it was amazing. it was like -- it's like confessional. like you go see a priest, like you're there alone, he's there, watching you, eat his food. >> jimmy: yeah, that's pretty intimidating, yeah. >> yeah, that's when i sort of noticed the parallels between musicians and chefs. even he referred to himself as an artist, not a chef. so thus -- >> jimmy: these people you talk to in this book, daniel humm >> daniel humm, daniel patterson. >> jimmy: but you asked them great questions of how they got to this stage. and i don't know where you got your interview skills from but -- [ laughter ] really well done. great questions. and great pictures by the way, too. and you just see how creative and tricky these chefs are and how much love they put in. i think that's the one thing
12:23 am
you can tell from any of these stories is that they all have a a passion for this. >> it's the study of the passion process. it's not about -- it's not a a cookbook, it's not about food, but it's really just about the commitment and the passion that they put into their craft. that's what i admire about them. >> jimmy: dude, i always love when you have something new coming out. congratulations on this guy, too. thank you for everything, buddy. >> thank you, man. >> jimmy: i'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] >> what's in this? >> jimmy: it's just water. >> okay. >> jimmy: yeah. questlove, everybody. [ laughter ] "something to food about" is in stores now. we'll be right back with a a performance from rufus wainwright. stick around. questlove! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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it's made for those who vacation like they mean it. universal orlando resort. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i love, i love, i love, i love our next guest. in honor of the tenth anniversary of his sold-out judy garland tribute concert at carnegie hall. our next guest will once again stage the event on june 16th and 17th. it is a must see.
12:29 am
performing "zing! went the strings of my heart," please welcome rufus wainwright! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ dear when you smiled at me i heard a melody it haunted me from the start something inside of me ♪ ♪ started a symphony zing went the strings of my heart ♪ ♪ 'twas like a breath of spring i heard a robin sing about a nest set apart ♪ ♪ all nature seemed to be in perfect harmony zing went the strings of my heart ♪ ♪ your eyes made skies seem blue again
12:30 am
what else could i do again ♪ ♪ but keep repeating through and through i love you, love you ♪ ♪ i still recall the thrill guess i always will i hope 'twill never depart ♪ ♪ dear with your lips to mine a rhapsody divine ♪ ♪ zing went the strings of my heart ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:31 am
♪ your eyes made skies seem blue again what else could i do again ♪ ♪ but keep repeating through and through i love you, love you ♪ ♪ i still recall the thrill guess i always will i hope 'twill never depart ♪ ♪ dear with your lips to mine a rhapsody divine ♪ ♪ zing went the strings of my ♪ ♪ zing went the strings
12:32 am
of my heart ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: come on! [ cheers and applause ] we love you buddy. come on! rufus wainwright! tickets are on sale now through carnegie hall. we'll be right back, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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flip your way through your last 9 shows with the tap of a button. change the way you experience tv. xfinity x1. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to louis c.k., questlove! [ cheers and applause ] rufus wainwright once again, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] and the roots right over there. they're over there and over here too, yeah. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great night. i hope to see you tomorrow. thank you, thank you, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:37 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- chadwick boseman, from "unbreakable kimmy schmidt," actress carol kane, music from mike posner. featuring the 8g band with mark guiliana. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening, everybody. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers ] yeah. that's fantastic to hear. let's get to the news. the white house correspondents' dinner was this weekend. president obama said it was fun. larry wilmore said he was honored. and bernie sanders said the portions wero


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